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Armando Nannicola Took His Chance in 1933

Armando Nannicola Took His Chance in 1933

Nannicola Bucks Industry Trend

Growth Report: Nannicola Bucks Industry Trend

Woman wins $5 million prize

Prize for Queen breaks $4 million

Treasure Hunt winner gets over $2.5 million

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins record $5.5 million jackpot!

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Woman wins $3.4 million drawing

Woman wins $1.8 million jackpot

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From our office in Youngstown, Ohio, which houses our 70,000 square foot distribution center, we service all of our route salesmen and distributor customers efficiently.

Our 75 employees provide a consistent level of support for both our customers and sales team, which allows us to provide superior services and products to consumers.

Our fleet of route trucks has continued to grow as we expand our business to service our customers.

Charitable Gaming Industry

  • Charitable Gaming became a fundraising option for charities in the 1970s and continues to grow.
  • In 2009, $2 billion was spent on instant bingo tickets in Ohio alone. The bingo market is larger than most people believe!
  • What started as a simple game has grown and changed in order to compete against other forms of entertainment, including the lottery and casinos.
  • The once simple game now plays with X & T patterns, postage stamps, picture frame, double bingo, cover all, crazy T, etc.
  • It also includes instant bingo, which allows players to purchase tickets similar to those played by many state lotteries
  • Other products include merchandise prizes and electronic bingo devices. These products have become the lifeblood of the profitability of the games and allow more money to be raised for charities.

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