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Armando Nannicola Took His Chance in 1933

Armando Nannicola Took His Chance in 1933

Nannicola Bucks Industry Trend

Growth Report: Nannicola Bucks Industry Trend

Woman wins $5 million prize

Prize for Queen breaks $4 million

Treasure Hunt winner gets over $2.5 million

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins record $5.5 million jackpot!

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Woman wins $3.4 million drawing

Woman wins $1.8 million jackpot

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Electronic Bingo


Electronic Bingo provides players with a unique, innovative bingo experience. The portable electronic bingo daubing units add to the entertainment experience while creating additional revenue for your existing bingo game. The best part of the program is that you do not need to purchase any hardware to get started. You simply pay for the units that you use each night. The two electronic bingo units that we offer are detailed below.

Electronic Bingo is only legal in four states where Nannicola conducts business - Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Illinois. If you are interested in learning more about the electronic bingo units, contact our Inside Sales Department at 1-800-837-2789, email us at isales@nannicola.com or contact your Nannicola Sales Rep directly.

Available Units

ted-2.jpg TRAVELER Unit  electronic-bingo-mailer-back.jpg


  • Battery lasts 12-plus hours
  • 10” Screen
  • Lightweight (Only weighs 2 pounds!)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Manual operation available
  • Play EVERYTHING! (U-Pik-Em, Starburst, Bonanza, Multicard, Double-Free Space)
  • Floor sales
  • Food and beverage integration
  • True Class II 24# Bingo Games
  • Load card pack from receipt
  • Multiple themes and dauber choices


  • Light weight, high resolution color display with built-in handle for easy carrying
  • Alerts players by displaying number of daubs away from bingo
  • Best cards up front and animated graphics and music on wins
  • Display up to 21 cards at a time and up to 1,200 cards in one game