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Woman wins $5 million prize

Prize for Queen breaks $4 million

Treasure Hunt winner gets over $2.5 million

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins record $5.5 million jackpot!

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Man wins $1.9 million Treasure Hunt

Woman wins $3.4 million drawing

Woman wins $1.8 million jackpot

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Tab King POS Pro

Ask about our 100 Day - 100% Risk Free Guarantee!


What does Tab King do?

Employee Access Controls

Assign roles to employees. Get control over which clerks have access to different register functions, such as discounts, refunds and reports.

ID Age Verification

Swipe or scan an ID, and Tab King will notify you if the person is underage or not.

Analyze Sales Trends

Tab King will crunch the numbers, giving you easy,
clear-to-read data when you need it.

Vouchers and Loyalty Cards

Manage loyalty cards by quickly scanning, viewing and making adjustments, all from one intuitive screen. Generate vouchers on the fly with Tab King VoucherMate™.

Inventory Tracking

Get real-time inventory information for any item.

Split Checks and Adjust Tips

Easy check splitting is integrated into the bar-side system. Adjust tips with an easy one-tap button.

Smart Alerts and Notifications

Tab King will alert you to unbalanced registers and other possible conflicts in real time.

Summarize the Day

Close out a shift with an easy one-tap button. Compare totals by employee, terminal, department and more.

Credit Payments Are a Breeze

Tab King takes the hassle out of accepting credit payments. NETePay, an industry standard secure and powerful
payment processing system, is directly integrated into
Tab King for your convenience.


Track Sales in Half the Time (Engineered from the ground up for maximum performance and reliability)

  • Switch from pull tab to retail sales with one lightning-fast touch.
  • Cloud analytics dashboard is integrated with online report viewing.
  • Your essential data will always be safe with Tab King’s Secure Cloud Backup systems


Get Started for only $1,987*

 * Price includes setup and remote installation, 1 refurbished all-in-one terminal, 1 refurbished cash drawer and 1 refurbished receipt printer. Comes with a 1-year hardware warranty. Price does not include the monthly service fee. (Limited time offer. Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions apply.) 

Contact Information

For more information on the Tab King POS Pro, contact Dave Bradley at 330-354-9959 or dbradley@nannicola.com.


Ask about our 100 Day - 100% Risk Free Guarantee!